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Tips to Write an Effective Research Paper Outline – 2022


In case, you do not know what a research paper is, let me give a rundown of its definition. A research paper is basically an academic work that you have to write as the final project of your degree. This academic work is based on research that you conduct in any specific field. Remember, writing a research paper is one of the requirements for the completion of the degree. 

If you are in high school, you must have heard from your seniors that writing a research paper is the most meticulous task one can ever get assigned. But, if you yourself are enrolled in a university, you must be very well aware of the problems that students face while writing a research paper. Writing a research paper is undoubtedly the most difficult task that’s why most of the students prefer to hire online academic writers to do their work. I remember, when I was in college, I hired an essay writer to write my essay. 


Trust me there is no rocket science involved in hiring a writer. I just found a trustworthy wring service provider and requested his online essay writer free available to write my essay for me in few bucks. That is all you have to do as well. But, if you are a hardworking person and want to achieve high grades on your own, remember, that the key to an affection research paper is the organization of arguments and chapters. 

But you can never organize your research unless you have a research paper outline that you can follow throughout the paper. If you do not how to construct an outline for your research paper, just carefully read the following tips that I have listed for your convenience.


Write the chapters.

The first section of a research paper is the introduction which is then followed by other chapters which include the literature review, methodology, data analysis, results, discussion, conclusion, and a work cited page. For the outline, you need to focus on these chapters first. Make a list of these chapters and leave some space below every section to discuss the sub-categories. Consult the college essay writer free available for more professional help. 


Write sub-categories.

 In subcategories you basically need to divide the information that falls under every chapter e.g., in the introduction, you have to mention the background knowledge of your topic and then you have to highlight the gap that you are filling with your research. So, you can make categories such as background knowledge, the significance of the research, etc. The third category will be research questions. 

In the methodology section, the subcategories that you can make in your research outline are data collection, theoretical framework, and analytical framework. If you want, you can even categorize the data collection into data sampling, and data collection methods e.g., qualitative or quantitative research. 


Make a list of tables.

Once you are done with the content, decide how many tables and figures you are going to add to your research paper. If your research does not contain any one of them, do not bother to add it to the outline. After the content, make a list of tables and categorize them by using the roman numbers. 


Add the preliminary and final pages.

Now that you are done with the content and tables, it is time for you to go back and mention the initial pages at the beginning of your outline, so you don’t forget to add them later. The preliminary pages involve cover pages, dedication pages, and acknowledgments. After mentioning the preliminary pages, mention the appendix and bibliography at the end of your outline. Also, take help from the essay writer for free available for your academic assignments. 


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