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Tips on How to Save Money in College


Is it possible to have a stress-free college experience, party without going broke and still graduate in four years? The following money-saving tips and tricks are designed for just that purpose.


Find hidden scholarships. Scholarships can be found anywhere, even at the place you already log into every day: your computer. Sign up for free on sites like Facebook and Myspace as well as university websites for valuable offers such as scholarships or financial aid information. Take a look around the Internet for more scholarship opportunities that are unique to your interests.


Communicate with your professors in class instead of online via email because most will allow college essay writing service to attend their office hours specifically so they can give you feedback on an issue or question by face-to-face interaction. You'll be able to ask questions and even get some feedback on that paper you'd like to revise before handing it in.


If you're going to college for a specific degree, develop your own network of professionals in the field. Ask friends, family members or even professors if they can connect you with anyone in the industry. Then take advantage of every opportunity you can get during school and after graduation to really network with people who work where you want a career and build up contacts at these organizations outside of class when networking events are held by clubs or organizations on campus.


Start your job search as early as possible by visiting colleges and major cities throughout the summer or early fall of your senior year just so you have time to make connections.


Join free online or social networking sites that allow you to meet new people who have similar interests and are in your area. Expand your horizons with the ability to network with thousands of other students nationwide as well as professionals who can help you get connected for internships and jobs after graduation.


Take advantage of safe, fun student events organized by local chapters of national organizations on campus or at an alumni group near you. Get involved in these types of activities because they afford you a chance to build relationships and networks to be accessed when you need them later on in life, which is often right after graduation when you're looking for a job or internship experience.


Conduct research before registering for classes so that essay writing service can find the high-demand, high-paying job fields that are popular with your classmates or desired by future employers. Then look for a class track that will allow you to study and take related courses in that field, even if it's offbeat for your major.


If you don't like living at home or have exhausted its potential as a money saver, move out of your hometown into an area nearby where many colleges are located. You'll be able to live on campus for cheaper than most off-campus housing options and still be close enough to visit family on weekends when they need some company too.


Attend seminars hosted by career services divisions of universities or the government because these programs provide free help in finding summer internships, entry-level jobs and even full-time employment after graduation.


Join clubs on campus that sponsor worthwhile, community projects throughout the school year to help you meet fellow students with similar interests while learning about topics in which you're interested. These groups can be beneficial later on when applying for scholarships, grants or educational discounts because they confirm your level of involvement in the school's activities and/or charity work.


If possible, attend a public university instead of a private one so you'll have more access to state financial aid and scholarship programs as well as lower tuition rates than other schools charge.


Take advantage of free tutoring services available at most universities by enrolling in courses regardless if they are required or not just so that you can take advantage of free help to build your skills and even earn extra credit for the courses improving your overall GPA.


Volunteer in the community as much as possible by working on projects that have clear, measurable outcomes so you can build up a portfolio while having fun helping others at the same time. These efforts will show future bosses and hiring managers how valuable you are as a person with many positive aspects.


If budget cuts or high tuition costs force you to attend school out of state, move close to campus the summer before going back for classes so that you'll be able to save money on both housing and transportation during your freshman year.


Join a community service organization that works with other charities so you can gain additional volunteer opportunities and have fun along the way with fellow students. You may find these activities help pay best essay writing service tuition if they are for-profit organizations.


Use Web-based bulletin boards to hunt down free food and other giveaways offered on college campuses by local merchants as well as community organizations to save money when eating out or going shopping off campus.


Keep student loan payments at a minimum by finding a place to live near school that has low rent plus utilities that don't exceed $200 per month total, including Internet connections. Then take full advantage of any available government programs for reduced payment amounts while attending school so you're not saddled financially after graduation either.


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