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Guide to the Best Carry


In this short Dota 2 Guide, I'll discuss the best carry position and how to play that role. Carry heroes are perhaps the most versatile role in any game of LoL or DotA. There is a huge array of options available to a carry player; a carry hero can go in anywhere, do anything and make plays happen. But it's important to understand how to play that role correctly to be effective at it. I'll talk about the typical carry heroes and what they can dota 2 boost.


The typical carry heroes are usually carries that excel at trading. They can also sit on the bottom and soak up damage while the rest of their team moves around the map. Some examples of good carries are Anti-Mage, Axe, Chen and Lifesteer. The best carries are dependent on the situation, so you'll want to understand which position gives you advantages in specific situations.


The offlane is an excellent position for a carry player to start out in. Most carries start out in the offline as they have good farming potential. The offline is also a good place to start ganking if the enemy takes too much time to respond to your creeps. When you are carrying, it's also a good position to fight against enemy creeps as they have less health than you and can easily be killed. If you see an opening, always go for the kill as wasting time will only result in a wasted cheap dota 2 boosting.


A good carry will also have a strong mid/late game teamfight. Good carries will be able to easily carry off even the most difficult opponents. Their ability to get kills will give them an amazing advantage. You should never fight in the mid/late game as you will likely lose if you don't have good items.


A carry that is great at ganking will be in the middle. This position will also have a great deal of sustain, which makes it very hard for the opponent to last hit or take down. This makes a carry in this position extremely valuable as it's hard to get kills in the mid/late dota 2 boosting service.


The offlane is a terrible position to start out in. This position is weak until you get a good courier. Once you get a good courier, you will be able to easily push the lane and set up for a carry or tower dive. It's important to never let a carry get too far ahead, or he will be hard to stop once he hits level 6.


The offlane is the worst position to get a support. Most supports will die extremely fast when they aren't properly setup. They won't be able to provide you with protection and you'll just be wasting mana. Support carries are also very weak early on in the game and will usually have to get kills from a tower or something.


The carry position in pubs is actually quite tricky to play. There are so many different options available and everyone have a different preference. I usually find the carry position to be the hardest. When playing support, you need to be very smart about what you buy and where you buy it. A lot of people will just blindly buy a support item and hope that it'll do something. As a carry, you have to be more careful.


You can also become an offline very easily if you know how to jungle effectively. This role dota 2 lp removal a lot of teamwork and decision making. If you can't play offline well, you won't last long in the game. Just try to avoid getting caught out by creeps.


There are two common types of carry players in a game: supports and roamers. A carry player is usually a roamer. Roams will go anywhere to get kills, and they'll almost always get a decent amount of XP. When playing as a carry, you'll usually be a roam.


The most important aspect of playing a carry is making sure that you're efficient at killing waves. Your job is to ensure that your creeps come to you first. If you can do this, you'll be very efficient at earning gold. Just remember that a carry is a lot easier to play against than a roam. If you want to carry, then you need to master the other positions, as well.



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