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Common Apartment Issues
Common Apartment Issues
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An apartment is an independent housing unit that takes up only a portion of a large building, usually on a single level. There are several common names for such buildings, read below to learn which ones are most commonly known by your community. In addition, there are building classification systems used by architects and building contractors that will help you to determine the use and number of apartment units in your proposed development.





Apartment buildings can be categorised into one of four basic types. They are traditional apartments, mid-rises, market-rate apartments, and condominiums. Each has its advantages and disadvantages depending upon your lifestyle and budget. Here are some of the features to look for when searching for an apartment:





There are apartment amenities that are provided on-site or may be provided separately. Examples of these apartment amenities are pet services, valet parking, air conditioning, on-site laundry and cleaning services, and fitness centers. On the other hand, there are apartment amenities that are not required to be installed on-site, but are nevertheless crucial for maintaining a well-kept complex. Examples of these are fire extinguishers, burglar alarms, emergency telephones, and elevators.





Apartment buildings may also contain townhouses. Townhouses are individually owned residences that are located directly within the apartment building. The townhouse apartment features all the apartment amenities that are not available in the apartment such as tennis courts, swimming pools, and dog parks. If you prefer not to have to worry about maintenance and safety of common apartment features, consider choosing a townhouse over a traditional apartment.





It is also important to make sure that you will be able to qualify as a good tenant. A good tenant should meet all the apartment leasing requirements such as paying rent on time, maintaining the property in a reasonable way, not destroying the property, and adhering to all the other terms and conditions of the lease. If you do not meet all of the landlord's requirements, your chances of renting the apartment may be reduced and even cause you to be evicted from the complex.





Condos are a popular choice among tenants because they offer many advantages. First, unlike apartments, condos are exempt from most landlord restrictions and can legally be sublet to another tenant. Second, condominiums usually come with their own building manager, often making it easier to find quality rental units. Finally, while most condos require a homeowner's association, some only require renters to sign a one-year lease, making it easier to know whether or not you can sublet the apartment.





Before signing any type of rental agreement, you should be aware of the lease provisions, including any penalties for late payments, which may increase the amount you pay for your monthly rent. Your lease will outline everything from when you may be evicted to what happens if you move out before the lease has been fully met. While it is unlikely that a landlord will intentionally attempt to keep you from occupying an apartment or property, the penalties outlined in your contract may make this a possibility. As part of your due diligence before signing the lease, be sure to request information about the lease's provisions on late payments and what happens when you forget to pay the bill.





For those who live in high-end apartments or live in high-rise buildings, there is likely a high-tech network of elevators, amenities, and surveillance cameras that you would not be able to access if you lived in an apartment building. In these cases, it can be a wise investment to rent from a company that provides elevator access, amenities, and surveillance cameras for security purposes. However, most apartments have limited elevators and/or do not feature many amenities, making it impractical to rent from a private elevator access provider. Instead, find a reputable elevator access provider to help you access the different levels in your building. In addition to helping you safely enter and leave your apartment building, such a provider could also provide you with access to elevator cameras to help protect your belongings and to monitor your apartment as part of the security system installed by the elevator company.





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