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Key Things to include in the Research Proposal



A research proposal is one of formal academic writing that is written before actually conducting research. A research proposal gives an idea about the research that the researcher wants to conduct. It summarizes the research by explaining why the researcher wants to conduct the proposed research, what this research is about and how the research will be carried out by the researcher. The basic aim of writing a research proposal is to persuade the university, research committee, and supervisors that the proposed research is worthy of being conducted and is significant in adding knowledge to the domain of the study by professional essay writers . Moreover, a research proposal is also written by the researchers to reflect that research taken by them is easy to manage and can be carried out within available resources and means. A research proposal is an important factor which if accepted only then the researcher can carry out his/her research. On the other hand, if supervisors or universities reject a research proposal one has to revise the research proposal and has to submit it again for approval. Only then, a researcher can conduct research. Therefore, proper care must be given for writing a research proposal.


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Certain key features of a research proposal must be included while writing a research proposal. These key factors include the title of the research; an overview of the research; introduction; research questions; literature review; methodology; an estimated time plan of the research; the significance of the research; Conclusion and references. All these elements must be included in the research proposal. However, for better writing experience you may get services from an essay writer to help you to write a research proposal effectively. These key factors mandatory for writing a research proposal are further explained below.


A research proposal contains a title page for the research at first. A research proposal must contain a title page containing the title of the research intended by the researcher to conduct. Also, it must contain the name of the researcher along with the supervisor's name. Besides these, the title age must also contain the name of the institution in which the researcher is going to conduct the research. A title page is an important key feature of a research proposal so it must be written while writing it.


The next key feature of the research proposal is to provide an overview of the research. This can be provided in the form of an abstract. It is more like a summary of the research that the researcher wants to conduct. This part provides brief information on the purpose of conducting the proposed research. Also, the methodology that the researcher wants to adopt for conducting the research. It also gives a brief overview of what research is about, why the researcher wants to conduct the research, and how the researcher will carry out the proposed research. All such queries are briefly described in the overview part of the research proposal or find someone to write my paper


The next key feature of the research proposal is the introduction. An introduction serves various purposes. The introduction part of the paper gives the background of the paper. It also delineates the motivation behind conducting the proposed research and the rationale of the research. Along with the background and motivational cause of the proposed research, it also enlists objectives; purpose; hypothesis or thesis statement, or research questions of the paper. Thus, it can be said that introduction is that part of the paper that provides an overview of the paper. A good and well-written introduction is the foundation of the whole research or paper. Therefore, proper attention must be given while writing the introduction part of the paper as the whole credibility and quality of the paper depends on this part.


After the introduction, the main key feature of your research proposal is the literature review part. This part consists of a brief commentary on the other researcher’s work carried out in the same field of the study. In this part, you should not only mention previous work but also compare and contrast the previous studies with their research. You are required to find a gap between the previous researches to reflect that his/her research will fill that gap. However, if you are facing difficulty in writing this part, you may ask a college essay writing service to write for you.


The next important step in writing a research proposal is the description of the methodology that the researcher wants to adopt for conducting research. Here a researcher needs to mention whether his/her research will use the qualitative or quantitative method of research. The type of data and the type of sources for collecting data are described in detail in the methodology section of the research proposal. Moreover, the time limit required for completing the research is also better to mention in this part. Also conducting the proposed research is feasible or not should also be mentioned here. Most of the students commit mistakes while writing this part of the research so if you find difficulty in your task you can ask some professional, “could you write my paper for cheap ?” to get hands on a perfect research proposal.


The next key factor of the research proposal is writing the significance of the research. A researcher needs to explain why this research is necessary to conduct. The researcher explains how this proposed research will add to the existing knowledge. Also, this part will delineate how this research will be beneficial for future research studies.


To write my essay for free , writing the significance of the research, a researcher needs to write a comprehensive conclusion. The Conclusion consists of restating thesis statements or problem statements and should also provide recommendations for future studies.


In the last part of the research proposal, you are required to mention all the sources and references you have used for your research. All sources must properly be cited according to the style of writing one has chosen for writing his/her research proposal. Also if some have used certain specific jargon, they should be mentioned with their explanation and meaning to give better understanding to the reader about those words.


To conclude, a well-written research proposal makes supervisors and the research committee accept the research proposal. Therefore, proper care should be taken while writing a research proposal. Key features explained above are fundamental requisites for writing a proper research proposal.


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