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MBOX is a common mailbox storage format used for email programs like Thunderbird, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, etc. It isn't compatible with Outlook. Therefore, this blog post is about the most important methods that it is possible to transfer MBOX files into Outlook 2019and 2016, 2013, etc.

You Can't Import MBOX into Outlook! Or, Can You?

The harsh truth is it isn't possible! There's no way to transfer MBOX into Outlook since Outlook has its own file format that is proprietary to Outlook. It is called the PST (Personal Storage Table)where all emails are stored.

Today, a lot of homeowners and corporate users require an effective and flexible email program that can manage both personal as well as administrative tasks. So, if you'd like to look at MBOX data of one email program in a different mail client (Outlook) then the sole solution is to use an exchange process.

Remarkable Simple Solution!
Import MBOX files into Outlook 2019 2016, 2013 earlier versions using the Shoviv MBOX file Converter tool. It's just a several clicks and you'll be able to import large MBOX files to Outlook. Download the trial version of software now to test it!

Two methods for importing Outlook into MBOX Outlook

For the majority of people who use data conversion, it is a necessity that occurs frequently. If someone is moving from an MBOX-supported email provider and is switching to Microsoft Outlook then a series of steps should be taken.

There are two options to import MBOX into Outlook two ways: Manual and automated tools.

Manually import MBOX File in MS Outlook from Thunderbird

  1. First, start Thunderbird and then configure your desired Gmail account with IMAP.
  2. Then, create the folder new within Thunderbird to store the emails you wish to be able to read in Outlook.
  3. Select the messages you want to import into Outlook and transfer them to an uncreated folder. Drag and drop the selected files into the new folder.
  4. Then, open MS Outlook and choose the messages you want to include in Outlook.
  5. Then, drag the selected emails into a new folder within Outlook (or any other suitable location). It is possible to open your MBOX files from this folder.

This is how you can import .mbox files to Outlook by using the manual method. Do you know this method can be beneficial in the event that you're skilled? Additionally, there are some flaws with manual methods.

  1. It is necessary to install both Thunderbird and Outlook to make the conversion.
  2. Users will need to import the MBOX files into Outlook in multiple stages.
  3. It's a long, intricate, and daunting process.
  4. The user must be supervised (one error could ruin the entire procedure).
  5. Strongly Poses data loss issues.

There is good news that there's an easy and efficient method to import MBOX files to Outlook. The only thing you need to do is you'll need an MBOX Converter as mentioned above. PST is the only format Outlook supports.

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