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Most of the brands on the Amazon seller Platform often find its difficult to choose a best amazon marketing agency. You can check with the following things in an Agency if they really fits for you to work. IF you were looking to invest into amazon done for you program then can check out program which offers 100% money back guarantee

Do they have Good Reviews:-
The first thing is to check with their background. What the existing or past clients are saying about their website. A genuine amazon agency showcases their clients and the results with their case studies. Also will have reviews on third party review sites like upwork, clutch or else Amazon SPN services. Check those and thoroughly see the client satisfaction.
Response Rate and Strategy:
Once you finished knowing and understanding about the company, then you need to check with them to understand their response rate and strategy. A good agency will start with a marketing strategy call where they will brief their plan and how they helped their brands on amazon to scale further using their advanced PPC strategies.
Check with Pricing:
Next thing is to check with the budget. whether the company suits your budget or not? a genuine Amazon Agency charges on an average $100 to 150 per hour and 5 to 7% as charge on amazon ppc agency PPC Spend. If the Company is even more transparent and caring, there are companies who will charge commission based on the growth rate. This actually looks better among all as this way it shows that company has interest in your brand as your growth will help for their growth.
Dealing with Contract:
This is yet another important one. Ranging from the companies, Amazon agencies have 6 months to 1 year contract. However, there are companies who offer 3-months contract as well. Choosing them is the best option if they match above all requirements. Also you need to thoroughly read the contract agreement before signing and moving forward with them.
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