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Addon [Sticky] wpForo Advanced Attachments

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wpForo Advanced Attachments

wpForo Advanced Attachments addon is a full-fledged file uploading, attaching, displaying and managing solution for wpForo. It comes with super interactive, multi functional file attachment features. Allows to attach multiple files, images, videos, audio and all other file types you've allowed in settings.

Files can be inserted inline, between post content texts. It opens a nice lightbox slider with many features to view and watch different type of attached files. This addon keeps user specific attachments in separate media library and allows users to use the same file on different topics and posts. You can limit file types, max uploaded file size and do a quick translation of front-end phrases using addon settings.

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wpForo Advanced Attachments in post content
wpForo Advanced Attachments file upload z insert into post inline attachment
wpForo Advanced Attachments file upload screen 4
wpForo Advanced Attachments file upload screen 3
wpForo Advanced Attachments file upload screen 1 video and audio mp4 wav
wpForo Advanced Attachments file upload screen 1
wpForo Advanced Attachments attach file button
wpForo Advanced Attachments in post content zip doc txt pdf
wpForo Advanced Attachments in post content video audio
wpForo Advanced Attachments image video audio attachment lightbox
wpForo Advanced Attachments dashboard settings
wpForo usergroup permissions can attach and view files 1

Please Note:

Use this forum to test wpForo Advanced Attachments addon. We don't provide customer support here, this forum is only for demo purposes. For Pre-Sale questions and for questions after buying this addon please register or login with your customer account login details in gVectors Store > wpForo Advanced Attachments Support Forum use according section.

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can help why from my site i want to insert into post is not working at all?

Posted : 08/10/2017 2:50 pm
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