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Addon [Sticky] wpForo Private Messages

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wpForo Private Messages

wpForo Private Messages (PM) addon provides a safe and professional way to communicate directly with other members of the discussion forum. Messages you send and receive via PM are private and can only be viewed by you and the forum member you’re corresponding with. Allows multi-member conversation. Add, remove, block, report and other managing tools will allow users to easily prevent spam messages and keep their messages clear.  Conversations are like email but stored within the forum system and addressed by User Name (nickname). They do not reveal any personal information beyond your User Name. Options to control private message writers’ permissions and restrict new registered users.

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wpForo Private Messages conversation screen2
wpForo Private Messages conversation member individual settings
wpForo Private Messages Conversation 2
wpForo Private Messages add new user in conversation
wpForo Private Messages send message button
wpForo Private Messages unread messages and new conversation form

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