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Demo [Sticky] wpForo Topic Prefix & Tags Manager

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Introducing the highest level of forum organization!

This addon enables you to create topic prefixes and effortlessly manage topic tags. Topic prefixes serve as a way to categorize topics, helping you reduce the overall number of forums by consolidating less active ones and grouping more topics together. Its main purpose is to enhance the forum browsing experience, making it more user-friendly.

You can assign predefined prefixes to individual topics, which are displayed before the topic title, such as 'Help,' 'Bug,' 'Suggestion,' and so on. Prefixes can be customized in various styles to make them easily recognizable to users. Along with numerous other features, this addon allows you to add, edit, delete topic tags and even convert them into prefixes.

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Buy Now: https://gvectors.com/product/wpforo-topic-prefix/

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